Connecting Producers of Natural Food Products with Top North American Retailers

Meet Francisa.

Founder & CEO Francisca Achondo has over 15 years of experience in retail, over 10 of which has been focused primarily on the natural food space. 

In this time, she has sold over 500 million dollars worth of Chilean natural food products to many of the largest retailers in North America.

As herself a mother of two as well as a fourth-generation Chilean farmer, her mission is to help make healthy and affordable natural foods available to people around the world.

A Values-Based Commitment to Delivering Results

Francisca’s ongoing success in this space, as well as her commitment to each and every client, rests on a simple yet powerful set of core values:  

World-Class, Cross-Cultural Communication

Francisca prides herself on clear, timely, and professional communication.  She also adds value by helping her partners navigate the nuances of the cultural differences and expectations (she is also married to a U.S. native and splits time between the two countries).

Transparency and Accountability

The foundation of Francisca’s practice is building trusting relationships. She does so by keeping her clients informed and following through on her commitments. 

Long-Term, Mutually-Beneficial Relationships

The aim of every engagement is to establish win-win relationships that last a very long time. This focus has led to a large and ever-expanding network of highly capable suppliers in South America and retailers across North America.


With over half a billion dollars worth of natural food products sold in North America, Francisca’s numbers do much of the speaking for themselves. At the end of the day, her focus is on delivering massive value to her partners and putting Chilean products on shelves – where they won’t stay long. 

How can Francisca help you move your natural food products fast and efficiently?

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